Outcome counts


In collaboration with Norrland University Hospital in Umeå and Akademiska Hospital in Uppsala, Cureos is developing the database solution MIQA to collect standardized data for all radiotherapy treatments performed in Swedish radiotherapy clinics. Cureos' main contribution is the software solution MIQA2INCA, which extracts key data from the MIQA database and transfers the data to INCA, the Swedish national quality registry for cancer treatment.

Cureos is developing software for analysis and optimization of radiotherapy based on treatment and outcome data from delivered treatments.

By efficiently employing the outcome of delivered treatments the ability increases to identify cost efficient treatments with improved outcome for new patients.

Treatment and outcome data is efficiently processed in order to generate parameters associated with pre- or userdefined dose-response models. The models and the obtained parameters can subsequently be used to optimize individual treatments or entire treatment protocols.

As a part of development, Cureos is dedicated to a number of open source projects in mathematical optimization, machine learning, image processing and DICOM. Cureos is actively striving to broaden the applicability of existing open source libraries, originally developed under .NET Framework, to tablet and smart phone platforms (iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows, Windows Phone). Cureos is providing a solution that enables applicability of the AForge and Accord frameworks for scientific computation, machine learning, neural networks and image processing on these modern platforms.