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Anders Gustafsson
My name is Anders Gustafsson and I own and run Cureos since the fall of 2010. I have been working in the radiotherapy business for almost 20 years. Initially I worked as a Ph.D. student at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, thereafter I have worked as developer, project leader and physics support manager at Helax (presently Nucletron) in Uppsala.

As a Ph.D. student I published the first scientific article on direct optimization of MLC segments in intensity modulated radiotherapy, IMRT. My dissertation, published in 1996, also contains the first formulation of dose-volume based objectives and constraints for gradient based optimization methods.

My most important achievement at Helax/Nucletron was the project leadership for the development of a standalone dose calculation and optimization component between 1999 and 2002. The project involved several challenges for the 10 to 20 people working on the project, for example the migration to a new operating system and programming language (Windows and C++), introduction of a new dose calculation algorithm and substantial integration with an external treatment plannins system for setup and display of dose calculation and optimization results. The project was successfully carried out, resulting in two main releases delivered on schedule.

I have also been responsible for and managed the development of the first completely integrated IMRT optimization solution and the first radiobiological evaluation tool in a commercial treatment planning system, Helax-TMS.

More recently I have successfully developed tools for beam data characterization and commissioning. I have primarily developed these tools using the .NET Framework, and I have vast experience with C# development. I also have experience from web application development in Java and ASP.NET.

I prefer to spend my spare time in the nature together with my family, or enjoy a good game of bandy.

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